Using a Survey Template

Survey templates are a great way to get started, espcially when you don't quite know where to start. They speed up your survey creation ability by providing a starting point to work from. Survey templates are also an extremely powerful tool for Enterprise level account holders as they allow you to create and share your own survey templates with your user accounts.

Creating a Survey From a Template

From your dashboard:

  1. Click the Create a Survey button
  2. Click the Use a Survey Template link
  3. In the Template Library, select the template you would like to use. When you  hover the mouse pounter over a template, you'll see a short description of what it does.
    • Click Use to use the template and create the survey.
    • Click the Preview button to check the survey before you select it
  4. After Clicking "Use", your survey will be created and you'll be taken directly to the survey editor.

You can now use the survey editor to customise your survey.

Team Survey Templates - The Enterprise account offers users the ability to create their own survey templates, which they can then share with colleagues within their organisation through the user account management. Not on the Enterprise plan? Please visit here or contact us to find out more

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