Adding, Editing and Hiding Questions

This guide takes you through adding a new question, editing a question and hiding a question.

Adding a New Question

image showing the layout of the add question dialogue box in SmartSurvey

  1. Click the green Add Question Here button within your survey to open the add question popup
  2. In the Question Type field, select the type of question you wish to create from the drop-down menu
  3. In the Question Text field, type the question that you would like to ask
    • The Enable Editor button below the text box allows you to customise the font style and layout
  4. In the Answer Options section fill in the relevant fields to complete the setup of your question
  5. Click the green Add Question button 

Unsure which Question Type you need? Instead of selecting a question type from the dropdown menu, click the blue button labelled View Question Examples to see a visual representation of how the different question types can look, or if you're still unsure, check out our Understanding Question Types help guide

Using Pre-Made Answers

You can pre-populate the answer field with pre-made answers to save time when creating a survey. Pre-made answers can be edited and customised once you have selected them.

  1. In the Add Question pop-up window, after adding your question and selecting Question Type, scroll down to Pre-made on the right of the Answer Options
  2. In the Answer Templates drop-down menu, select the pre-made answer list you want to use
    • Some of these answer templates allow for a variable number of points on the scale, so choose the level of granularity you want via the Scale drop-down.
  3. The field is dynamically populated with the pre-made answers that you have selected
  4. Use the buttons below the answer choices box to reverse the order of the options or to sort them alphabetically.
  5. You can still edit the answers if you require.
  6. Click Add Question

Editing a Question

edit a question

  1. Select the question you want to edit
  2. Click on Edit Question as shown in the screenshot above
  3. In the pop-up window, edit the question 
  4. Click Save Question

After a question is created, the answer options are displayed in seperate boxes for individual control and editing. To add/edit answers in bulk, click Edit Question, scroll down and click the Add/Edit Choices in Bulk box 

Hiding a Question

  1. Click Edit Question
  2. Tick Hide Question under Question Size and Positioning at bottom of window
  3. Click Save Question

Changing a question type may permanently erase all of the existing Answer Choices. We recommend Hiding a Question and adding a new one in its place where possible

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