Showing Respondents Final Score

If you are setting up a scored survey, for example a quiz or where respondents select a numerical value within a range, it is straightforward to display the final score once the survey is completed.

For a score to be displayed, survey scoring must have been enabled. You must also have a custom Thank You page.

Displaying Final Score

To show the score at the end of the survey:

  1. Go to the Collect page of your survey
  2. Click on the Tracking Link Name you wish to show the scoring on
  3. To the left of the pop-up box, select Toggle Advanced Options
  4. Click Messages
  5. In the Message box under Thank You Page, there are two options for coding tags you can add to display scores:
    • Typing [scoring(total)] will display the final score as a number
    • Typing [scoring(total_perc)] will display the final score as a percentage

We recommend that you type the code tags under your Thank You message.

Email Triggers

It's also possible to add the score to an email trigger, by adding the same piping tags ([scoring(total)] and/or [scoring((perc)])to the Subject line or the body text of the email.

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