Survey Scoring

Survey scoring allows you to set a numerical value to each answer. For multiple choice questions you can create several scores reflecting the accuracy of the choice.

Please note: scoring has to be enabled before scoring values can be set

You cannot set scoring values for question types that require a text answer

Enabling Scoring

  1. Go to the Settings page of your survey
  2. Under Survey Settings, select Features
  3. Under Enable Scoring, tick the greyed out Off box to turn it On (green)
  4. Click Save Changes

Setting Scoring Values

To set the individual values for each answer:

  1. Whilst in the Design page of your survey, click Edit Question next to a question
  2. In the popup window, scroll down to the Answer Choices section
  3. Add a value in each of the Score boxes
  4. Click Save Question
  5. Repeat the process for each question

Viewing Survey Scores

To review a respondent’s score:

  1. Go to the Results page of your survey
  2. Click Responses in the Survey Results banner menu
  3. Scoll down to review the score for each question, page and the total score (at the bottom of the page) for the survey

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