Creating your Own Thank You Page

A Thank You page is a simple way to show your appreciation to people for taking the survey. As well as giving thanks, it's also a great way to reward the respondent (maybe by offering a promotional discount), to detail what happens next (such as what happens with the results, when they can expect to hear from you and so on) or to share some clever marketing material or other content.

Creating a Thank You Page

create a thankyou page

To create your own thank you page:

  1. Go to the Collect page of your survey.
  2. Click on the Tracking Link Name that you wish to modify the Thank You message.
  3. In the popup box, select Toggle Advanced Options and then Messages
  4. Check the Thank You box and type your text in the Title and Message sections.
  5. Click the green Save Changes button on the bottom of the popup to apply the changes.

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