How to Create a Survey

SmartSurvey makes creating surveys simple with its intuitive layout and smart design features. The software is run entirely online, meaning you can create your survey in your web browser, without the need to download any additional software.

Creating a New Survey

If you haven’t created any surveys yet, the Dashboard will show a welcome message, with a green “Get Started” button. Click this button to start creating a survey.

If there are already surveys on the account, then you’ll see a list of recent surveys. Click “Create a Survey” to create a new survey.

There are three different ways to get started:

  • Create a new survey: Creates a brand new, blank survey. This is the process we will explore in this guide.
  • Copy an existing survey: Creates a copy of a survey that you have previously created. 
  • Use a survey template: Creates a new survey from one of our approved templates. See Using a Survey Template for more information.​

To create a new survey from scratch:

  1. Click Create a new survey.
  2. Type a descriptive Survey Title.
  3. Select the default Language for your survey from the drop-down list. - What if your preferred language isn't listed? Don't worry, SmartSurvey supports all languages, it's just those listed have built in templates with the core functionality already translated, such as the "Next Page" button, "Submit" and so on. Our Enterprise Plan allows you to customise all the text for the language used in your survey, including these elements.
  4. On the Theme Selection page, choose the theme for your survey.
    • Use Theme Category to filter through the available themes that we have already created for you.
    • Click the Custom Theme link to create your own.
  5. Click the Select Theme button to continue.
    • If you'd prefer to choose a theme later, then click the Skip to Design button instead.

You will then be taken to the Survey Design page to set up your questions.

Let us create your survey for you: Need a little extra help or don't have the time to create your survey? If you have already decided on the questions you would like to use in your survey, then simply send them to us and we can create it for you. Please note, this is part of our Managed Service offering, therefore it will be subject to additional costs. For more information visit our Managed Service page.

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