Comment or Essay Box Questions

The Comment or Essay Box is designed for longer, multiple line, text based answers. This provides the respondent with a lot more scope to give a detailed answer to your question. You have the option to apply a limit to the number of words that can be typed in the field, or you can allow the respondent to enter as much text as they like, up to the limit of 20,000 characters.

For shorter text, such as a name or address, use a Single Textbox or Multiple Textboxes.

Creating Comment or Essay Box Questions

To create a comment or essay box question:

  1. Click Add Question on your survey.
  2. From the menu, select Comment/Essay Box.
  3. Enter your question text in the Question box.
  4. Click the green Add Question button to add the question to your survey.

Customising Comment or Essay Box Questions

When you build a Comment/Essay Box question, you can customise it with the following options:

Require an Answer to this Question Forces the respondent to provide an answer before they can progress to the next page.
Validate Answer Format

Specifies a required format for the contents of the field. This can be used to require the answer be a number within a range, a word length within a range, a character length within a range, or an email address.

Box Size Specify the width and height of the text entry field.

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