Single Textbox

A single textbox question provides one single-line text entry field for the answer. This question type is best suited for small pieces of information, such as a name, a place or a brief sentence.

Using the Validate Answer Format option, you can restrict the contents of the textbox to a particular format. For example, if you want to capture the respondent's email address, you can create a rule to automatically check that the entry is in the format of an email address.

If you want to collect several pieces of related information - for example, a street name, town and postcode - we recommend you use the Multiple Textboxes question type.

Creating Single Textbox Questions 

To create your single textbox question:

  1. Click Add Question on your survey.
  2. From the menu, select Single Textbox.
  3. Type your question in the Question field.
  4. Click the green Save Question button to add the question to your survey.

Customising Single Textbox Questions

When you build a single textbox question, you can customise it with the following additional fields and options:

Box Size Specify the width of the text entry field.
Require an Answer to this Question Forces the respondent to provide an answer before they can progress to the next page.
Validate Answer Format Sets a maximum and/or minimum number of selections for the answer to be valid. Specifies a required format for the contents of the field.

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