Ways to Send Your Survey

There are several different ways you can distribute your survey to recipients. This gives you flexibility in deciding how to get the highest number of responses, or how best to issue invitations.

Choosing a Delivery Method

To choose a delivery method:

  1. Go to the Collect page of your survey.
  2. Ensure that your surveys Global Status is set to Open.
  3. Scroll down to the horizontal menu under How do you want to collect responses?
  4. Select your delivery method.

There are eight delivery methods to choose from:

Web link This will provide you with a survey link you can share with your respondents. Anyone who is provided with this link will be able to access and respond to the survey. You can customise your web link.
Email tool This allows you to create an Address Book and distribute the survey via email through SmartSurvey.
Offline mode This allows surveys to be completed on an offline device. An offline survey link is created, responses are stored on the device ready for you to upload them once you're back online.
Buy responses This allows you to target a specific audience by purchasing a consumer panel.
Facebook You can promote your survey by posting a link directly to Facebook.
Web embed This allows you to embed the survey on your own website.
QR code Generating a QR code allows recipients to scan the code and access the survey on a mobile device.
Popup Invite Popups, or web intercepts, deliver a survey invitation as a pop-up window during, or after, a respondent's visit to a website.

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