How to Purchase Live Audiences

If you want to gather survey responses from a specific audience or demographic, you can purchase access to our Live Audiences to complete your survey. This is useful if you do not have your own target list of contacts to invite, or if you need a specific number of responses.

Our audiences get rewarded to answer your surveys, this means that there are plenty of people ready to give their opinions on things you would like to find out. The benefit of this service is that our audiences are always ready to take part, this means you get answers to questions within 3 days.

Purchasing a Live Audience

​To purchase a live audience, go to the "Collect" page of your survey and choose "Buy Responses". 

This will open a form where you specify your requirements for demographics, lifestyle criteria and the number of reponses you require. This information will be sent to our team who will create a tailored quote for you, based on your requirements. This doesn't take long and our team will have the quote ready for you as quickly as they can. This is usually within a couple of hours during UK business hours.

If you're happy with your quote, we'll set your audience live and you'll start collecting responses.

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