Using Tracking Links

Tracking links are the web links you provide to recipients to access your survey. They can be sent out by email invitation and SMS, embedded on your website or posted on social media pages.

Tracking links are also known as smart collectors. That's because they will track details about responses, act on qualification criteria such as cut off dates and maximum numbers of responses, and maintain security

Setting up Tracking Links

  1. Go to the Collect page of your survey
  2. Ensure that your surveys Global Status is set to Open
  3. Scroll down to the horizontal menu under How do you want to collect responses?
  4. Select a collection method

You can set up as many collection methods as you want for each survey. Each collection method creates a unique link listed under Tracking Links in the Collect tab for each survey.

Customising Tracking Links

  1. Go to the Collect page of your survey
  2. Click on the Tracking Link Name of the collection method you wish to customise
  3. In the Link tab, click the orange Customise Link button to edit the text of the web link
  4. Use the Link Settings and Toggle Advanced Settings tabs to customise the security, restrictions, cut off details, language, themes and notification options

Switching Tracking Links On and Off

  1. Go to the Collect page of your survey
  2. In the Status column to the left of the Tracking Links listing, toggle each individual radio button green for on, or red for off - this activates or deactivates each individual link

If you have scheduled any email invitations to go out using a closed tracking link, they will not be sent. The email tool will check the status of the tracking link at the time of send.

Filtering Using Tracking Links

To filer the results of a survey based on the tracking link data, see How to Use the Filtering Tools

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