The Results Summary

The Results Summary shows the top-line results of your survey at a glance, so you can quickly and easily see how your respondents have answered your survey. To view the Results Summary, simply click the Results tab in the blue navigation bar. The Results Summary will be the first page that comes up.

At the top of the Results Summary you will see the key statistics for your survey:

  • Survey Created date
  • Total - number of people who opened the survey
  • Partial - the total number of partial responses received
  • Completed - the total number of completed responses received

If your survey has multiple pages, by default it will only show you the first page. To see all pages at once, click All Pages in the Navigate bar

Using the Results Summary

Top right of the Results Summary is a box showing you the top-line statistics for the survey and four buttons for frequently-used functions. Click on any of these for more information about what they do:


Print Friendly

Send to Word

Filter Summary

Key Analysis

Above right of some individual answers you will find the Create Chart button. You can use this to create  effective, beautiful charts of your results directly in SmartSurvey without the need for extra software. See the Creating Charts from Survey Results help guide here

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