Question Validation Options

Validating an answer is a really useful way of ensuring the information provided by your respondent meets an expected format, value range, or number of selections.

Validation can be used on the following Question Types:

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
  • Comment/Essay Box
  • Single Text Box
  • Multiple Text Boxes
  • Continuous Sum

Validating Multiple Choice Questions

Select the relevant option in the Validate answer format section when creating or editing your question.

At least Requires a minimum number of answers
At most Requires a maximum number of answers
Exactly Requires an exact number of answers
Range Requires a number between the minimum and maximum specified
All Requires all answers to be selected

Validating Text Questions

Text questions have a different set of validation criteria. SmartSurvey can automatically check email addresses and numbers for the correct formatting, as well as validating the number of characters or words provided for an answer.

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