Survey Creation and Editing Limits

This guide explains the maximum length or other limits that apply to creating surveys in SmartSurvey.

The majority of these are so large as to make it extremely unlikely you’ll ever hit them, but they are documented here for reference.

Although these are the extremes, it is possible that surveys may start to display performance issues before reaching these limits: a page with the maximum number of questions, where those questions all contain a large amount of content and response options will probably be slow to load.

Where a limit is described as 'characters', this means all letters, numbers, spaces, or other symbols (including any that are part of HTML code, such as link or styling tags added by the WYSIWYG editor).

Item Limit
Character Limits
Survey Title 300 characters
Survey Nickname 300 characters
Page Title 250 characters
Page Description 4,000 characters
Page CSS Class 250 characters
Question Text 4,000 characters
Answer Choice Text 4,000 characters
Comments Box Label Text 1,000 characters
Other Box Label Text 1,000 characters
Matrix Drop Down Choice Text 250 characters
Question Required Text 1,000 characters
Question Validation Text 1,000 characters
Question CSS Class 30 characters
Question Default Answer Text 1,000 characters
Custom Variable Name 50 characters
Custom Variable Label

250 characters

Custom Variable Value

500 characters

Closed Message Title 200  characters
Closed Message 4,000  characters
Thank You Message Title 200 characters
Thank You Message 4,000 characters
Disqualified Message Title 200 characters
Disqualified Message 4,000 characters
Question / Choice Limits
Radio Button questions 1,000 answer choices
Drop Down questions 1,000 answer choices
Checkbox questions 300 answer choices
Textboxes questions 200 answer choices
Datebox questions 50 date boxes
Slider questions 50 sliders
Sum Textboxes questions 100 textboxes
Ranking questions 250 answer choices
Image questions (Single Answer) 1,000 Options
Image questions (Multi-Answer) 200 Options
Matrix question Columns 20 columns
Matrix question Rows 200 rows
Matrix of Drop-down Menus question (Columns) 10 columns
Matrix of Drop-down Menus question (Rows) 200 rows
Matrix of Drop-down Menus question (Answer Choices) 200 answer choices per menu
Survey Limits
Questions Per Survey (Free Plan) 15 questions
Questions Per Survey (All other plans) 2,500 questions per survey
Questions Per Page 100 questions per page
Pages 500 pages per survey
URL Length (Including Custom Variables) 2,048 Characters
Survey Response Character Limits
Single Line Textboxes (Input) 4,000 characters
Multiline Textboxes (Textarea) 20,000 characters
Matrix Textboxes (Input) 1,000 characters

Email Tool Thresholds and Limits

These are the thresholds and limits defined in the Anti-Spam Policy.

Item Limit / Threshold
Number of Email Sends Per Month

Please see "Email tool" on our Pricing page  (Calculated across all users of multi-user accounts)

Bounce Rate 7% per invitation
Unsubscribe Rate 1.4% (Or 1% if number of unsubscribes exceeds clicks)
Blocks 30% per invitation
Complaint rate (Emails marked as Spam) 0.08% per invitation or 20 per day.
Sends to Spam Trap Addresses 1%
Abuse Compaints 1%
Contact Lists
Custom columns per contact list 30
Length of Custom Column Value 255 Characters


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