Previewing and Testing Surveys

We strongly recommend that you preview and test your survey before distributing it - this gives you the opportunity to review all aspects of your survey design including spelling, layout, answer choices, skip logic, etc. We suggest you send the survey link to others such as colleagues, friends or family members and ask them to review your survey before you officially launch it.

Using Preview Mode

  1. Click on Design in the blue navigation bar
  2. There are a couple of ways of previewing your survey within the Design page:
    • The blue Preview Survey button at the top and bottom of the survey 
    • By clicking the faded Magnifying Glass button in the blue bar to the left of the Design, Collect and Results tabs

The survey preview will open in a new browser window. There will be a pop-up telling you the survey is in preview mode. The black bar at the top of the screen also indicates this.

The icons in the upper-right corner of the screen allow you to preview the survey as it would appear to users on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices

The drop-down in the upper right corner allows you to navigate through the pages of your survey - Click on Thank You to see the final page

Close the browser window to close the preview.

Results will not be saved in Preview Mode - when you preview a survey, your answers are not saved and there will be no data submitted when you click Finish/Submit

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