Piping with Custom Contact List fields

Data contained in custom columns that you’ve added to your contact list can be used for piping in the same way as other data that can be piped.

Because of the way that custom contact columns work, this can be done in two ways, the first is by referring to the column number, like this:


(where x is the number of the custom column in question).

However, doing this can be confusing, especially if you can’t remember the order in which your columns are arranged, or have a large number of columns. An alternative method is to use a modified version of the name given to the column when the list was created. To do this, take the name as visible in the contact list page and change it by removing all spaces and replacing any uppercase characters with the lowercase equivalent, and typing it into the brackets after "contact" in the pipe tag.

So: “Company Name” would be piped with the following tag:


As with all logic and piping functions, it’s a good idea to test implementations thoroughly before putting the survey live.

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