Multiple Choice Questions With Multiple Answers

SmartSurvey has two different multiple choice question types:

An easy way to spot the difference in an existing survey is that the former will have a circular radial button next to the answer choices (or a single drop-down menu) and the latter will have square radial buttons.

When you add a multiple choice question with multiple answers, your respondent has the freedom to select as many answers as they like (unless you set a limit), using the checkboxes next to the question.

Creating Multiple Choice Questions with Multiple Answers 

  1. Click Add Question on your survey
  2. Type your question in the Question Text field
  3. In the Question Type drop-down menu, select Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers)
  4. Select a layout for how your answers should appear with in the Display Options drop-down menu
  5. In the Answer Choices field, type each answer on it's own line
  6. Click the green Add Question button to add the question to your survey

Optionally, you can customise pre-defined answer choices by selecting an item in the Pre-made drop-down list.

If you use None of the above as one of the answer options, it will automatically untick all the other answers when chosen - you don't need to do anything else to make this work

Customising Multiple Choice Questions 

Multiple choice questions with multiple answers can be displayed in two ways:

  • Vertical list - Ideal for a long list of answers
  • Horizonal list - Ideal for a short list of answers. If you want to use a horizontal layout with a long list of questions, you can group your answers into columns

When you build a multiple choice question with multiple answers, you can customise it with the following additional fields and options:

Add Other field Adds an Other option to your multiple choice answer list
Add Comment field Adds a free text field underneath the question
Require an Answer to this Question Forces the respondent to select an answer before they can progress to the next page
Validate Answer Format Sets a maximum and/or minimum answers that must be selected for the answer to be valid
Randomise, Sort or Flip Answer Choices Lets you control the order that the answers are presented: randomly, in alphabetical order, and so on
Question Size and Positioning Lets you control the size, positioning, appearance and numbering of your question. You can also set a default answer, and hide the question without deleting it

You cannot use a drop-down menu for multiple choice questions with multiple answers - this option is available if you select Multiple Choice (One Answer Only) 

Reporting Tip

Because of the way this question records responses, in cases where a question is skipped over, or not answered at all, some confusion occasionally occurs.

The report simply shows if a given tickbox was ticked or not, and a user who hasn't engaged with the question at all will show the same as one who has made the decision not to tick any boxes.

If it's important for your project to be able to tell the difference between these two cases, it's best to make the question mandatory (via 'require an answer for this question') and include the 'none of the above' option.

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