Integrating a SmartSurvey Account With Salesforce

Salesforce integration is an optional extra feature for our Enterprise Plus accounts. For more information about our plans, see our pricing page.

Integrating SmartSurvey with a Salesforce instance or Sandbox is very simple.

To start with, log into both SmartSurvey and the desired target Salesforce instance (or sandbox) in open browser windows.

In your SmartSurvey account, access the "My Account" page.

Choose "Integrations" from the "Advanced" section of the menu, on the lower-let of the page.

This will open the new integrations options page. Choose the option with which you’d like to integrate: either Salesforce or a Salesforce sandbox. Click “Connect” to start the integration.

If you are not currently logged into the target Salesforce instance or sandbox, you will be prompted to log in.

Once you’re logged in, the connection should be successful, and you will now be ready to integrate SmartSurvey surveys with Salesforce.

If the connection is not successful, you should check the permissions on the Salesforce account with which you are logged in to the instance or sandbox.

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