File Library

The File Library lets you upload images, logos and other files that you want to include in your surveys. Uploading a file to the File Library creates a URL which then can be embedded within a survey.

The library page consists of a folder menu on the left, and the file list on the right.

Uploading a File to the File Library

To upload a file:

  1. Under Libraries from the Dashboard, select File Library.
  2. To the right of the screen, above the file list, click Upload File. A popup window will appear.
  3. Click the Choose File button to choose a file from your computer, then click the Upload button.
  4. Alternatively you can drag a file from another window onto the "choose file" button, then click the Upload button.

Obtaining the URL of the Uploaded File

After uploading your file to the File Library, you will need the URL:

  1. Go to File Library
  2. Locate the file name of the file you uploaded.
  3. Once located, click on the blue icon the the right of the file name.
  4. Copy the URL that appears within the File URL field.


You can create folders to sort your files for easier navigation. Some users do this by file type (documents, images, etc) or by survey.

Creating a Folder

  1. Click the "+" icon in the folder menu on the left of the File Library.
  2. Enter a name for the folder.
  3. Click "Add Folder" to add the new folder.

Sorting Files into Folders

  1. Click "Organise files" above the file list.
  2. Use the tickboxes to the left of the file details so select the files you want to organise into a folder.
  3. Choose the destination folder from the drop-down in the blue bar
  4. Click "Confirm" to move the files into the folder.


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