Creating a Survey in Multiple Languages

SmartSurvey allows you to publish multilingual surveys. Respondents can select their preferred language before the survey begins and when you receive the responses they will all be presented within the one set of results.

SmartSurvey supports all languages worldwide, but the Language Templates include pre-defined translation of common features and buttons for some of the more popular ones (such as the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons). If the language you need isn't available as a template or if you'd prefer to change the translation wording within the template you can edit any of these messages when you create your own translation.

We strongly advise that you only create a translation when you are ready to publish your survey.

Setting Up a New Translation

To create a new translation:

  1. Check that your survey is complete, and ready to publish.
  2. Whilst in the Survey Design page of your survey, hover your mouse pointer over Options located in the white navigation bar.
  3. Click Translations.
  4. Click Add New Translation.
  5. Type a name for your new translation.
  6. Select Copy existing translation, or Copy from another survey, if you want to use an existing translation as a template. Otherwise, click New to create a new translation.
  7. In the Language Template drop-down menu, select the pre-defined language template you want to use
  8. Click Add

Customising a Translation

Click Customise Text next to a translation to edit the wording. The menu items across the top of the page allow you to control different parts of your survey:

Survey Create translation text for your page titles, questions and answer text.
Messages and Buttons Customise the pre-defined translations for the alerts and buttons within your survey.
Features Customise the wording of the alert messages within your survey.
Question Types Customise the wording for specific question types
Misc Customise miscellaneous text within your survey.
Reports Customise headings and text used in reports created using your survey data.


Display Settings

Under the list of survey translations, you will see a Display Settings section. This defines how users will select the translation they want to use:

None Displays the default language, with no option to change it.
Selection Screen – List Respondents must select their preferred language from a list of links before the survey will load.
Selection Screen – Flags Respondents must select their preferred language from a series of flags before the survey will load.
Selection Screen – Drop Down Respondents must select their preferred language from a drop-down menu before the survey will load.
Load Default Language – Selection Drop Down at Top Right of Screen Opens the survey in the default language, and provides a drop-down menu of language choices.

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