Questions with Searchable Drop-Downs

It’s possible to use SmartSurvey to create questions where the respondent enters a response by typing into a text box, which then offers options that match what’s been typed in, as the respondent types.

This is sometimes called a “Searchable Drop-Down” question, and also as an “Autocomplete” or “Lookup” question.

A searchable drop-down question in use. a respondent has been asked what country they live in. they have started typine "unit" and the question is suggesting "united Arab emirates", "united kingdom" and "unit states" as answer options.

Creating a Searchable Drop-Down Question.

Functionally, this is a multiple choice question, from which respondents choose a single answer so you need to select the “Multiple Choice – Single Answer” question type, and then set the display options to “Searchable Drop-Down Menu”.


  • Create a Multiple Choice (Only One Answer) question
  • From the “Display Format” Drop-down, select “Searchable Drop-Down Menu
  • Enter your answer options (up to 1000 options are supported).
  • Save the question

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