Piping Default Answers into Multi-row Questions

If you have a Multiple Textboxes question that you want to pipe default answers into, it may seem on first viewing that it’s not possible.

This guide explains how to do it using a little bit of extra syntax.

Put simply, you need to do two things:

Firstly, before the piping tag , add “rown:” where n is the number of the row you wish to pipe into (the first row is row1 and so on). Secondly, after the piping tag, insert two vertical-pipe characters (||) to separate each row you wish to pipe into.

Below is a step-by-step example for this sort of question. For the example, we’ll assume that the data to be piped is a contact name, and two pieces of information from custom columns.

  1. Create a question with the type Multiple Textboxes
  2. Add the names for the text boxes as the answer choices
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the popup box and click on Question Size and Positioning to access the extra options
  4. In the Default Answer box, Type “row1:”
  5. Use the insert piping link next to the box to insert the piping for your first text box
  6. Type “||row2:”
  7. Then insert the relevant piping for the second text box
  8. Type “||row3:”
  9. Then insert the relevant piping for the third text box
  10. Repeat the  process for as many rows as you need to pipe in default answer data

You should end up with the contents of the box looking like this:


Doing this has the advantage of allowing respondents to update multi-row data (such as an address, which might be house number, street, district, town, county, postcode) in a single question instead of having to split it out across multiple questions.

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