Giving User Management Rights to Sub-Users

Users on Enterprise plus plans can give limited admin rights to sub-users.

When this feature is active on a sub-user account, they are known as a User Manager

Making a Sub-User into a User Manager

  1. From within the Master/Admin account, Access User Management.
  2. Find the Sub-User you want to make into a User Manager in the list and click their "Settings" Cog icon
  3. On the User Overview page, click the "Edit User Details" Button.
  4. Set the "User Manager" toggle to "Enabled" and Save Changes.

Once a user has been set as a User Manager, this will be shown on the account list. To remove User Manager rights, simply follow the above steps and set the toggle to "Disabled".

What a User Manager Can Do:

  • Add or Invite users to the subscription (Subject to the account limit)
  • Disable or enable users on the subscription.
  • Edit Sub-User account details.
  • Change Survey Permissions to share surveys between users.
  • Transfer, copy, or preview surveys, contact lists, or themes in other user accounts.
  •  Create and Manage shared question library folders and their contents, if the appropriate option is activated.

Note: As the Master Account, if you use the 'Login As User' function on a User Manager you won't see the new functions within the User Manager's account. These are only available when logged in directly.

What a User Manager Cannot Do:

  • Access other user accounts via "Log in as"
  • Move, copy or apply permissions/sharing rights for any data stored in the Master Account.
  • Edit the master account details.
  • Manually change a user's password. Users who are re-assigned an account by a User Manager need to use the forgotten password process to reset the password. 

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