Piping Dynamic Dates into Survey Content

This is a beta feature and is subject to change over time.

Piping can be used to pipe dynamic dates into your survey content. “Dynamic” means that the displayed date will change based on the server date when the respondent views the survey.

The piping tag

Dynamic dates can be piped in using this tag:


When the page loads, this tag will return the current server date (so, based on UK time) in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Offsetting the date

If you want the displayed date to be offset from the current date, for example to ask someone what they did at some specified date in the past, then you just need to change the zero in the piping tag to a positive of negative number based on the number of days to the day that you want to show. For example:

  • To show the date yesterday, use: [server_date(-1)]
  • To show the date tomorrow, use: [server_date(1)]
  • To show the date on the same day as today last week, use: [server_date(-7)]
  • To show the date on the same day as today next week, use: [server_date(7)]

Important – Server Dates
This feature currently works on the basis of the server date. As the server is based in the UK, this means that the date returned may not be correct if the respondent isn’t in the same time zone. The likelihood of an error will increase the further the respondent is from the UK by time zone.

Example Survey

Click here to see a preview example survey with this feature working.

Where it can be used

This feature can by used anywhere that piping can be used, though currently the tag must be manually entered. It's not part of the usual piping dialogue.

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