Partial Responses

Partial responses are surveys which have not been fully completed and are not included in the report summary.

How a response is identified as 'Partial'

For a partial response to be recorded, the respondent must have done the following:

  1. Loaded the first page of the survey
  2. Clicked the button to proceed from the first page to the next one

Responses that are marked as complete, but with answers missing, are not considered 'Partial'

A response is marked as complete when the respondent gets to the last page and clicks the Finish Survey button. Respondents need not have answered every question in the survey. Common reasons for this behavior are:

Including Partial Responses in Reports

You can amend partial responses to be considered as full responses:

  1. Go to the Results page of your survey
  2. Next to Statistics, click the number under Partial
  3. Click Force Complete Response, and confirm. This will move the response into the completed list
  4. You will need to repeat this process for each partial response you wish to be considered complete

View partial responses one by one to try and determine where respondents are dropping out

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