Page Logic

Using page logic, you can customise the way your pages are loaded as the respondent moves through a survey. For example, you might want to skip a page in your survey, or end the survey before all of the questions have been answered.

Applying Page Logic

To add logic to any page:

  1. Go to the Survey Design page of your survey.
  2. Locate the Page you would like to edit.
  3. In the Page Options menu, click the Logic button.
  4. In the Page Logic section, select the required action:​
    • Continue to Next Page is the default action for a page.
    • Go to Page sends the user to a different page in the survey.
    • Finish Survey sends the user to the survey completion page.
    • Disqualify Respondent records the respondent’s answers, marks each answer 'disqualified', and then sends the respondent to your custom disqualification URL (if set).
  5. In the Question Randomisation section, choose how questions should be displayed on the page.
  6. Click Save Page to save your logic.

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