Formatting Text

You can change the font, colour and size of the text in your survey to personalise and brand it. SmartSurvey allows you to create and save your own text format settings within a theme. 

Formatting Text in a Theme

To format text in a theme, you need to edit the Theme Settings. To find out more about Theme Settings, read this help article

  1. From the Dashboard, Choose Themes from the Libraries option in the top black navigation bar
  2. Hover over the Theme you want to work with and click on Edit Theme 
  3. In the menu on the left, work through the formatting options, changing the font settings for each section
  4. The window on the right will dynamically update to show the results of the change
  5. Click Save Changes on the left to save your new text formatting

The Theme Settings menu also lets you enter custom CSS to style the text within your theme.

Formatting text in question content

When you're creating a survey, you can apply further customisatons to the text style defined in the theme by using the WYSIWYG editor as you create the question.

For further customisation, you can clik the "Source" button in the editor bar to show the HTML source code for your question text, and to edit it directly.

Formatting text in answer content

If you need to apply specific formatting to answer text (for multiple choice questions), you will need to enter the HTML code for that formatting directly into the text box for the answer choice you want to customise.

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