Embedding Audio Into a Survey

To embed audio in your survey, will need to obtain the Embed code from the audio hosting website, and then copy it into the survey Editor.

Copying the Embed Code

SmartSurvey can use embed code from any audio website that allows exernal embedding. To obtain the embed code for the audio, follow the provider’s instructions.

Ensure your code is in HTML format. In Soundcloud, ensure the WordPress code checkbox is unticked.

Embedding the Audio in a Survey

To embed the audio in your survey:

  1. Open the Survey Design page for the survey you want to edit.
  2. Click Add Question to add the audio to a new question, or click Edit Question to add it to an existing question.
  3. Paste the code you copied into the Question Text box.
  4. Type any other content into the Question Box, before or after the embed code.
  5. Click the green OK button to embed your audio.

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