Disqualifying Respondents

Using Skip Logic, you can disqualify a respondent based on the answers they give. Once disqualified, you can end the survey immediately. This will still be recorded as a completed response so anything they have answered to that point will be captured, but the survey results page will highlight that this respondent was disqualified.

Before you begin, you must construct your survey so that it has more than one page. Skip logic is not possible on the last page of the survey.

Creating Disqualification Logic

To set up criteria for disqualification:

  1. On the Survey Design page of your survey, find the question you would like to use as a disqualifier.
  2. Click Skip Logic from the menu on the right of your question.
  3. Click Add New Rule.
  4. Select the Condition that will disqualify the respondent.
  5. In the Action drop-down menu, select Disqualify Respondent.
  6. Click the green Save button.
  7. Close the Skip Logic popup.

Customising the Destination URL

Once a respondent has been disqualified, you can send them to a custom URL. For example, you might want to send them to a webpage explaining that they do not meet your criteria.

To set up this URL:

  1. Go to the Collect page of your survey.
  2. Under How do you want to collect responses, click Web Link button.
  3. Click Link Settings.
  4. Check the Survey Disqualification Redirect checkbox.
  5. Type the URL you wish to use as the redirect.
  6. Click the green Save Changes button.
  7. Close the pop-up window.

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