Date/Time Box

The Date/Time Box makes it easy for your respondent to provide a date and/or time and ensures that all responses are captured in a standardised format. There are three possible formats: Date Only, the Time Only, or both Date and Time.

Sync it with your Diary - Why not consider using our API to link SmartSurvey to your Calendar so the appointment is automatically added as soon as someone submits their response? 

Creating Date/Time Box Questions 

To create your date/time question:

  1. Click Add Question on your survey.
  2. Type your question in the Question Text field.
  3. In the Question Type drop-down menu, select Date/Time Box.
  4. In the Answer Options field, in the Display drop-down, select Date OnlyTime Only, or Date and Time.
  5. In the Answer Options field, in the Format drop-down, select the date format you wish to use.
  6. Then in the Answer Choices field you can enter each choice which will be accompanied by the Date/Time Box selector.
  7. Click the green Add Question button to add the question to your survey.

If you select a Display type of Time Only, the system will ignore the date format in the Format drop-down list.

Customising Date/Time Box Questions

When you build a Date/Time Box question, you can customise it with the following additional fields and options:

Add Comment field Adds a free text field underneath the question.
Require an Answer to this Question Forces the respondent to select an answer before they can progress to the next page.
Question Size and Positioning Lets you control the size, positioning, appearance and numbering of your question. You can also set a default answer, and hide the question without deleting it.

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