Creating and Managing Survey Folders

Folders are a useful way of keeping surveys organised. You can use folders to archive completed surveys, and also to save surveys as templates for future use.

To Create a Folder:

Click the “+” Icon at the top of the “Browse Folders” box on the left of the screen. (on narrow displays, click “folders” above the survey list)

On the dialogue box that opens, enter a name for the folder and choose a folder type from the following:

  • Survey Folder – A standard folder. Simply a place to organise surveys.
  • Survey Templates – Surveys Sorted into a folder of this type will appear as templates when a new survey is created.
  • Archived – Folders sorted into a folder of this type will not appear in the “all surveys” list.

To Pin, Delete, Or Edit a Folder

Click the three dots (…) icon to the right of the folder in the folder list. The following options will appear.

  • Pin to top – Force this folder to the top of the list
  • Edit Folder – Change the folder’s name or type
  • Delete Folder – Delete the folder. Any surveys in the folder will become “Uncategorised”. Type “DELETE” in the box to confirm the action.


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