Changing a Survey Theme

The survey theme is an essential part of the branding of your survey. We offer a selection of pre-made themes for the casual SmartSurvey user or if you're using SmartSurvey for professional or business purposes, you can create your own with our powerful theme editor.

To change the theme on a survey you've already created please follow the below guide.

Changing a Survey’s Theme

chang a survey theme

From within the Survey Design page of your survey:

  1. Click Theme in the white navigation bar on the top of the Survey Design page of your survey.
  2. On the Theme Selection page, choose the theme for your survey.
    • Use Theme Category to filter the available themes.
    • Select My Custom Themes from within the Theme Category selector to select a them you created.
  3. Click the Select Theme button to save your chosen theme and apply to your survey.

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