Skip Logic on a 'Multiple Choice (Multiple Answer) question

Before following this guide have a look at our Skip Logic guide which will give you an understanding of what each option means.

As this question type allows respondents to select multiple answer choices this adds more complexity than setting skip logic up on a Multiple Choice (Only One Answer) question, therefore to allow the rules to cater for all answer choice selection possibilities we need to use the ‘Condition’ ‘Choice is not’ or Choice is not one of the following’ and skip the page associated with the answer choices if those answer choices are not selected.

This guide also covers Matrix (Multiple Answer Per Row). Questions.

We have the following video to assist you with creating this question type:

Example of using skip logic on a Multiple Choice (Multiple Answer) question.

  1. Question 1 asks the respondent to select the electronic devices they use at home. We have 5 options: Games Console, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet and Smart TV
  2. Depending on which devices the user selects, we want to ask them questions about the devices they have. We want to skip questions about the ones they do not select

In order to do this, we assign a page to each electronic device. We then create logic that only displays the pages associated with those devices.

The rule on Question 1 would be as follows:

  1. Condition would be Choice is not
  2. Choice would be Games Console
  3. Action would be Skip Over Page               
  4. Page would be the name you had set for page 2, such as Games Console Questions

This rule says that anyone who does not choose ‘Games Console’ skips the Game Console Questions page.

We would then repeat the process for the next answer choice:

  1. Condition would be Choice is not
  2. Choice would be Laptop               
  3. Action would be Skip Over Page
  4. Page would be the name you had set for page 3, such as Laptop Questions
  5. Repeat for all answer choices on question 1

Once a respondent clicks 'Next Page’ at the bottom of the page holding Question 1, the survey will proceed to the pages selected. It will skip over the ones that were not selected.

Having Multiple Criteria determine the path of your skip logic

It's not possible to create a rule that will only trigger based on more than one criteria being met (Unless it's an "any of, or "none of" a set of answers). For example, a rule which only triggers when A and B are selected out of a choice of ABCDE, isn't directly possible. However in this case, you could:

  • Require that the respondent chooses two options using question validation.        
  • Set a rule that triggers when None of C,D,E are chosen.

This will have the same effect of a rule that will only trigger on A and B.

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