Amending or Editing Default Text

Default text is the framework text provided by SmartSurvey, rather than the text written by the user as part of the build of a survey. Amending or editing default text is available whether or not the survey is set up as multilingual.

Making a copy of your survey before amending or editing default text is good practice. Click here for our help guide on how to copy a survey

Changing the Default Text


  • In Design, hover over Options and click on Translations
  • Click on Customise Text for the survey (and language if applicable) you want to edit
  • This page displays a list of the Default Text, the Translation Text, and five categories at the top: Messages & ButtonsFeatures, Question Types, Misc, and Reports (if the survey already has question text added, a sixth category, Survey, will also be present)
  • From the top, select which category you want to work in
  • Click Edit on the line of text you want to change
  • Enter alternate text in the pop-up window and click Save

Changes made to the framework text will only apply to the survey that you are editing

We suggest renaming your new translation on the Settings page - this will make it easier to identify at a later date:

  • In My Surveys hover over suvey title and click on Settings
  • In Suvey Title enter the new name for your survey and click on Save Changes

To apply the same changes to a new survey:

  • In My Surveys click on the green Create New Survey
  • Click on Copy an existing survey...
  • In the drop-down menu, click on the survey you want to copy
  • Under Title, you have the option to rename your new survey
  • Click the green START button

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