Adding a help icon to a question or answer option

By adding a little code to survey content, it’s possible to add mouse-over help or information icons to your survey.

This might be appropriate where you want to add some extra optional context to show to respondents without them having to click anything, such as the one at the end of this sentence .

Adding the Tag

To do this, you simply have to add a short snippet of HTML to the survey in the place you want the icon to appear.

<span title="HELP_TEXT_GOES_HERE”>ⓘ</span>

Just replace HELP_TEXT_GOES_HERE with the text you want to be displayed when the icon is interacted with.

For question text (including descriptive text questions), you’ll need to enable the editor and then click on the “Source” button so you can paste the code into the source code for the question.

For answer elements (multiple choice options, matrix row and column labels) you can put the code straight into the content boxes for those elements.

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