Your Billing Details

Confirmation Emails: If you don't receive a confirmation email when you upgrade or make any other change to your subscription, please check your junk folder. It may also help to add the sender to your safe senders list.

You can view your billing details, including details of your price plan, billing information, receipts, and previous transactions, in the My Account section.

Viewing Your Billing Details

To view your details:

  1. In the Account drop down menu in the black navigation bar, go to My Account.
  2. Under My Account, click Billing.
  3. To view a previous invoice, click the Open icon next to the transaction you wish to view.

Updating Your Billing Details

While Viewing Your Billing you will have the opportunity to update your card details by clicking the "Update Card Details" button below these details in the "Billing Overview" window. Below this, in the "Billing Details" window, you can update other information as required with the "Update Details" button.

Viewing and Downloading Monthly Receipts

You can view or download a PDF of each monthly receipt by visiting the billing page and scrolling to the bottom.

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