Changing Your Email, Password or Account Details

In the My Account section, you can change or edit a range of different details for your account.

If you have multiple users, these changes will affect the master administration account.

Editing Account Details

To edit your details:

  1. On the Account drop down menu in the black navigation bar, go to My Account
  2. In the My Account menu, select the following tabs to make your changes:​
    • Profile - Edit the title, name, telephone number and business details of the main account holder
    • Billing - Click Edit Details to change the billing account email, name and address
    • Change Email Address - You will need to provide your current password to change the email address the account is registered under
    • Change Password - Enter the current password before confirming your new password
    • Preferences - This allows you to change default time zone settings, whether you receive the SmartSurvey email, and the default survey page size
  3. Click Save Changes to complete your edit

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