Sending Surveys via SMS

If you want to use mobile phone contact details to invite respondents to take your survey, you can send invitations containing a survey link by SMS text message.

Sending surveys by SMS is available on an Enterprise subscription only

Before following the below steps, the SMS functionality has to be set up by SmartSurvey - please contact your Account Manager or the Support Team for assistance

Create a SMS Contact List

  1. Scroll over Libraries on your Dashboard and click on Address Book
  2. Click on Add New Contact List
  3. Under List Name, give your list a name to indicate that it should be used for SMS messages
  4. Under method tick the SMS box
  5. Check the option boxes as required
  6. Click Save
  7. In your Address Book select the new list
  8. Under Actions click Add Contacts
  9. In the Enter Contacts box, enter your contacts in a vertical list in the in the form indicated (mobile number, contact name) - each item must be separated by a comma
  10. Click Save

Send Survey Invitations to the SMS Contact List

  1. Scroll over Libraries on your Dashboard and click on Address Book
  2. Click on your SMS contact list, then click Invitations
  3. Click Create New Invitation
  4. Use the Select a Survey drop-down menu to choose the survey you wish to send and click Proceed
  5. Complete each field as required, including Sender/Reply Email Address, the Subject, and the Message content. Do not alter any text in [SQUARE BRACKETS]
  6. Click Next Step
  7. Tick either Send the message at a later date (and enter date and time details) or Send the message
  8. Click on Setup Later or Send


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