Parked Responses

Parked responses are survey responses which are collected when a response allowance runs out. We do not guarantee collection of all parked responses.

There are three basic scenarios where you might end up with Parked Responses.

If you exceed your response allowance you will be able to upgrade your plan to release the Parked Responses.

Trial Accounts

Trial accounts allow you to use all the features of the selected plan, but cannot be used to collect data in bulk as this is not needed for testing. As such, they are lmited to only collecting 100 responses during the trial period.

Basic and Professional Accounts

If you're on a basic (Free) plan, you are limited to 100 response per month and this will reset each month. If you're on a Pro Monthly you are limited to 1000 response per month (Pro Annual accounts are unlimited).

In either of the above circumstances, you will need to upgrade your account in order to have parked responses released. After your account is upgraded, you can cancel a subscription at any time.

Team Accounts

If you are a sub-user of a business or enterprise account, parked responses may be a result of limits set by the master account.


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