GDPR Resources

GDPR defines two classes of entities for handling data - Data Controllers, and Data Processors. SmartSurvey is the Data Controller for the data it holds about users. It is the Data Processor for the data collected about respondents by users. Users are the Data Controllers for the data about respondents collected by users.

We're aware a number of our users have concerns about the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation and have been looking for more information.

Below are links to some resources we've published about GDPR.

GDPR for SmartSurvey Users

GDPR Compliance Checker

Creating a GDPR-Compliant Survey

8 Ways using SmartSurvey can help you be GDPR Compliant

Tips on Collecting Sensitive Data

Using SmartSurvey to Collect GDPR Consent

Exercising your rights of erasure or access

Complying with requests from respondents

Removing Personal Data from Surveys

IP Address Tracking

SmartSurvey and GDPR Compliance

SmartSurvey and GDPR

SmartSurvey Data Protection

SmartSurvey Privacy Policy & Notice

SmartSurvey Terms of Use

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