Allowing Sub-Users to Share Surveys

By default, all sharing of survey permissions between users on a multi-user account must be done by the Master User.

However, Master Users can activate a feature which will allow sub-users to share their own surveys (That is, surveys where they are the survey owner, and not those shared with them) with other users on the account.

Activating Sub-User Permission Sharing

To activate Permission Sharing for Sub-users, navigate to the “User Management” section of your account by choosing it from the “Account” drop-down in the top nav bar.

On the user management page, in the upper-right of the table that lists the users on the account, there’s a grey button, next to the search box. Click this button.

The top bar of the "User Management" Table. The button to activate sharing settings is highlighted with a red square

Click the toggle switch to allow sub-users to share surveys with other sub-users, then click “apply changes” to save the change.

The sub-users will now be able to share survey permissions.

Sharing Survey Permissions as a Sub-User.

If the Master User on your account has activated Permission Sharing for sub-users, then any survey you are the owner of can be shared.

To Share survey permissions:

  1. Access the Survey
  2. On the design tab, click the “Options” drop-down.
  3. Choose the “Permissions” option from the tab. This will open a new pop-up.The Survey Options pop-up is open on an eligible survey. The "permissions" option is highlighted in grey
  4. Select the user with which you want top share permissions by clicking on their name. You can select multiple users to have the same permissions by shift-clicking.
  5. Select the permissions you wish to share using the checkboxes on the right.The user permissions pop-up. on the left is a list of other users on the account. on the right are the checkboxes for the different permissions that can be granted. a green "apply changes" button is in the lower left.
  6. Click Apply Changes to apply the changes.

You can repeat this process for different sets of permissions for different users.

Once one or more users has permissions shared to the survey, they will be listed at the top of this pop-up, along with the permissions they have displayed as icons.

The sharing permissions for two users as seen by the survey owner. Two users are listed, with names, user numbers, and different pewrmission icons, showing they have different permissions for this survey

To remove other users’ permissions to the survey, click on the “trash bin” icon for the user on the right.

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