Setting Up Survey Permissions for Users

If you transfer or copy a survey to another user, then that user can edit the shared surveys without restriction.

If you want more control about what different users can do with a survey, setting up different permissions would allow you to control what the sub-users can access.

Setting Survey Permissions

To set survey permissions:

  1. In the Account drop down menu in the black navigation bar, select User Management
  2. Click the Settings Icon (Cog) next to the user to which you want to give permissions.
  3. Under Manage User, select Permissions.
  4. Click Add Permissions.
  5. Under Account, use the drop down menu to choose the user account that currently owns the survey for which you wish to share permissions.
  6. Under Survey, select the survey you wish to edit.
  7. Under Select Permissions, check the boxes against the sections/features you wish to allow the user to access. Unchecked boxes mean the new user cannot access that section/feature.
  8. Click Save Changes.

The shared surveys will now appear on the My Surveys page of the sub- user.

In addition, any survey permissions shared with the target user will now be listed on the Manage User - Permissions page, where they can be reviewed and edited.

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