Summary Display Options

This Guide relates to the new Summary Report page that is currently in Beta.

Display Options

The Summary Page Display options, contain a number of toggles where you can activate or de-activate a variety of features on the summary report.

These are accessed from the menu on the left.

Extra Information

The first two allow you to show extra information:

  • Show Basic Statistics: Activates a set of statistical measures calculated for each question. For more information, see “What are Basic Statistics?”.
  • Show Matrix Charts: Because charts based on matrix questions can sometimes take up a lot of space, they are disabled by default. This toggle will activate them.

Survey Structure

The next three hide Survey structure information:

  • Hide Page Titles: Don’t show the page titles.
  • Hide Page Numbers: Don’t show the survey page numbers.
  • Hide Question Numbers: Don’t show the survey question numbers – these are the numbers as seen in the survey editor and won’t affect any survey numbers that have been added as part of question text.

Data and Privacy

The next three are related to respondent data and privacy:

  • Hide Open-Ended Text: Don’t show any text that the respondent can freely enter. This covers both specific question types for this and comment or other boxes on multiple choice questions.
  • Hide Response IDs: If Open-Ended Text is NOT hidden, then the response ID data will be removed from the listing of the text responses.
  • Hide Response Dates: If Open-Ended Text is NOT hidden, then the response date and time data will be removed from the listing of the text responses.


The last option only affects the print–friendly version of the report:

  • Include Page Breaks: If this is activated, the print version of the report will include page breaks at the same point as any included in the survey.

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