SPSS Exports

The SmartSurvey export page supports direct export to the SPSS format (file extension .sav).

SPSS is designed for statistical analysis of numbers and not for working with text fields. If you export a significant number of responses that have open-ended answers, you will get a very large SPSS file, so please use page filtering or a results filter to reduce the amount of data to export.

SPSS has a variable width limit for strings of 255 characters. However, when exported, the width is set to the length of the longest answer, which might be considerably longer than 255. When this happens, SPSS splits the variable into multiple 255 length variables. Newer versions of SPSS should automtatically concatenate these into a single value for display purposes but if these multiple variables are a problem, then try not to export long answers to SPSS. This can only be achieved currently by filtering the export to specific pages that only contain statistical data/short answers.

Export to SPSS/.sav

In the export page, simply select Raw Response data from the dropdown and choose the SPSS icon. This format supports all of the options of CSV exports.

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