Exporting Survey Results

Important: This guide relates to previous versions of the SmartSurvey exporter and does not apply to the current exporter. If you have followed a link to this guide which does not make this clear, please alert whoever gave you that link to update their records. The current guides can be found listed here.


Exporting survey results allows you to save and transfer the raw data from a survey in a form which can be used in different applications. 

How to Export Survey Results

  1. Go to the Results page of your survey
  2. In the Survey Results menu, click Export
  3. In the Report Type drop down menu, select the file format you would like to use to export your results
  4. Under Report Name, give your exported report a name
  5. Select Report Options as required by checking the relevant boxes
  6. Under Scheduler, use the drop down menu to schedule updated survey report exports at specified time intervals
  7. Click Export Data

Survey result exports can include raw numerical data or be displayed in charts and graphs 

To find out more about the various Report Types available, click here

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