Sending a Survey Using a Pure360 Account

Pure360 marketing suite customers can issue SmartSurvey surveys so they link in with their Pure360 campaigns.

To link a survey to a Pure360 campaign, you will need a linked Pure360 and SmartSurvey account. You will also need a Pure360 contact list with additional columns for gathering survey data.

Sending a Survey through a Pure360 Account

To send your survey though Pure360:

  1. Go to the Settings page of your survey.
  2. Under Survey Settings, select Pure360.
  3. Under Pure360 Integration, check the Enable Pure360 Feature box.
  4. Use the Profile Name drop-down menu to select your Pure360 profile.
  5. Select your Contact List from the next drop down menu.
  6. Use the next box to match your survey questions to the additional data columns in your Pure360 contact list.
  7. Go to the Collect page and click Send Pure360.
  8. Under Send via Pure360, copy the link from the box without altering it. Paste this survey link into your Pure360 email message.

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