Restricting account access by IP address

Master Users on Enterprise Team or Enterprise Plus can restrict account dashboard access to a limited list of IP addresses.

To enable this feature, follow this procedure:

  1. Hover over Account and select My Account from the drop down menu
  2. Choose IP Restrictions from the Security section of the left menu
  3. In the IP Address box, enter the IP you want to add to the 'allowed' list and click Add IP
  4. You can add multiple IP's by simply adding each one in your list in turn

You can input a range of IP addresses using CIDR notation. Use an online calculator to convert your desired range into a CIDR but bear in mind that a CIDR will not always give you the exact range you want, it might also include a few additional IPs before or after the range you want.

Once this feature is activated, you will not be able to log in to the account from any IP address not on the allowed list, so ensure that the first address you enter is your own

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