Hiding or showing answers in charts

The Hide / Show Answer options allow you to choose which answers will be included or excluded in your chart and data table. The changes you make to these options can be saved as part of a view. 

The options are accessible from the Results Summary as well as charts added to Dashboards

If answer choices are hidden within the Results Summary or Dashboards, a small icon will appear to show that some answers have been hidden. This icon will not appear on shared views, exports or shared dashboards. 

Hide / Show Answer Choice options are available on the following question types:

Multiple Choice Single Answer

When hiding answer choices on multiple choice single answer questions, the percentage will be recalculated based on the updated total responses (hiding an answer choice removes those responses from the total count). 

This will be reflected in the data in the chart if you choose to display based on percentage as well as the data table. The other chart options such as labels and tooltips will also be updated. 

Image showing the "London" answer choice hidden and percentages recalculated to total 100%. 

Multiple Choice Multiple Answer

When hiding answer choices on multiple choice multiple answer questions, the percentage will not be recalculated. Only the answer choices will be hidden from the chart or data table.

This is because the % is based on the percentage of responses who answered the question and in this scenario the respondent could answer multiple answers. 

Experience Question Types

These include Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Effort Score, Employee Satisfaction Score and Employee Effort Score when trending back response or category. 

These question types will recalculate the percentage when answers are hidden. 

The calculated score will not change if answers are hidden. 

Sentiment Analysis 

Sentiment Analysis automatically categorises open text responses and comments as Positive, Negative, Neutral and Mixed. 

When hiding categories on questions with Sentiment Analysis enabled if categories are hidden, these will be reflected in the chart only and % will be recalculated. 

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