GDPR – Exercising Rights of Erasure or Access

Under the GDPR, people who have personal data stored about them by organisations will have the right for their data to be deleted (with some exceptions), and to see what data is held about them.

Because of the fundamental nature of running online surveys, there are two classes of people who may have data about them stored with SmartSurvey. A “User” is someone who has an account with us (whether a free account, a paid one, or a trial), and therefore can use SmartSurvey to collect data. The second class of people is “Respondents”: this refers to people who have responded to a survey and so have entered data into SmartSurvey. This means that SmartSurvey users both have those rights in relation to their own data, and also bear some responsibility for providing those rights to their respondents.

If you are a respondent who wishes to exercise these rights in relation to a survey hosted on SmartSurvey, you need to contact the creator of the survey, whether that's a named individual or an organisation.

This guide relates to a SmartSurvey user who wishes to exercise those rights. For dealing with requests from respondents, see GDPR – Complying with requests from respondents

GDPR defines two classes of entities for handling data - Data Controllers, and Data Processors. SmartSurvey is the Data Controller for the data it holds about users. It is the Data Processor for the data collected about respondents by users. Users are the Data Controllers for the data about respondents collected by users.

Right of Access

The majority of data held about a SmartSurvey user is transparently visible to the user via the dashboard. To exercise Right of Access to any other data, a support ticket should be raised, so the request can be handled appropriately.

Right to Rectification

If we hold data on you which you believe to be incorrect, and you wish it rectified (and cannot rectify it yourself via the app), raise a support ticket.

Right to Erasure

SmartSurvey users (except sub-users of Business Team or Enterprise Team accounts) can delete their accounts themselves, from the “My Account” section of the Dashboard.
This will remove all data relating to the account, including surveys, responses, history, and contacts.
Sub-users of Business Team or Enterprise Team accounts should contact the master user of their account.

For more detailed information about the data we hold, please read our Privacy Policy & Notice.

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