Downgrading and Existing Surveys

If you downgrade your plan to a lower plan or cancel your subscription and move back to Basic, your open surveys may close on the downgrade date. This will happen on a per-survey basis depending on the features used to create each survey.

The features that will be checked are listed at the bottom of this article.

Throughout the downgrade process, we will tell you which of your surveys will be affected if you downgrade your plan. We'll give you a link to a page which summarises which surveys will be affected (depending on the plan you intend to move to), as well as which features are used. You can access the page via the link below, if you are currently logged in to SmartSurvey on this device.

Before Downgrading

Either before you confirm your downgrade, or after confirming and have a downgrade pending, we suggest you review your surveys and make any neccesary adjustments. You will need to remove any features from the survey (for example, Skip Logic) that are listed on the paid features page in order to keep your survey open. 

Because you retain all paid-for features up to the next billing date (or "downgrade date", once the downgrade is confirmed), you can freely edit your survey because you will still have access to the features you used to create the survey. If you edit the survey so it only uses features avaiable on your post-downgrade plan, the survey will not be closed on the downgrade date.

After Downgrading

Once your plan has been downgraded, you will no longer have access to all the features on your previous plan, and therefore will not be able to make the neccesary changes to the survey to enable you to re-open it.

Example, a User has a survey that uses Email Triggers. They downgrade to a plan that doesn't include Email Triggers. After the Downgrade Date, they will not be able to access the Email Triggers feature via the in-app interface to deactivate the triggers, so will not be able to re-open the survey.

In this scenario, you will need to either re-upgrade to the relevant plan to open your survey or create a new survey and use the features available on your new plan. 

Feature list

The following features are considered as part of the survey that is created and shared with respondents as part of the survey design process. Your surveys will be checked against the following list on downgrade:

  • Advanced Question types
  • Email triggers
  • Piping
  • Survey logic
    • Scoring
    • Piping
    • Basic & Advanced survey response notifications
  • Advanced logic
    • Skip logic start question
    • Question set
    • Page logic
    • Terminal pages
    • Custom Variables
    • Advanced Custom Variables (Unique/Required)
  • Randomisation
    • Question
    • Page
  • Password usage on collectors
  • Survey Branding
    • Upload logo
    • Custom logo link
    • Hide "Powered by SmartSurvey"
    • Customise language
  • Survey Design
    • Custom "Thank you" message
    • Custom "Survey closed" message
    • Custom "Disqualified" message
    • Custom redirect
    • Custom disqualification redirect
    • Save & Continue
    • Custom Language Text

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